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Tools & Equipments >> Textile Equipments
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Fluff Protector

Practically a maintenance free equipment, Fluff Protector, is made out of the best grade material that imparts strength and glossy surface finish. Apart from preventing the roving bobbins from the fli ...

Dust Cap

The dust cap is designed for protection against fly fluff and other such matters. During rotation of hangers even in the tilted positions the minimized gap between the dust cover and the bearing house ...

Ball Bearing Bobbin Holders

Autotex Bobbin Holders, which revolve on an antifriction ball bearing base, has an inbuilt braking system for the even winding off the rovings in all the rocking position and packge size.. They ca ...


Racks - Max. Length 600 mm Max. Module ...

Scutcher Gear Boxes

Scutcher Gear Boxes for Blow Room ...

Geared motors

Geared motors for Blow Room ...

Gears and Spares

All types of Spur Gears /Helical Gears /Worm & Worm Wheel / Rack & Pinion, Internal / external Ratchet, Sprocket and Timing Belt Pulleys. Straight and Spiral Bevel Gears. Conversion of Head Stock ...

Custom Built GearBoxes

Special and Custom-Built Worm Reduction Gear Boxes. Special and Custom-Built Helical/Bevel Helical Gear Boxes. Special and Custom-Built Bevel Gear Boxes. Special and Custom-Built Geared Motors. ...

Mill Gear Boxes - Helical

Cement Mill Gear Boxes. Rolling Mill Gear Boxes. Wind Mill Gear Boxes. Pulverizing Mill Gear Boxes. Tube Mill Gear Boxes. ...

Open Gearing

Standard and Non Standard Worm Wheel pairs (upto 3.2 metres Wormwheel OD). Spur/Helical Gears upto 3.2 metres Dia, 30 Module in soft condition and 1.5 metres Dia,32 Module in Case Hardened and Groun ...

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