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India : Indias biggest fabric show inaugurated (November 24, 10)

India : Indias biggest fabric show inaugurated

The countrys biggest fabric and accessories show was inaugurated in Gurgaon on Monday. The three-day event, called the Source zOne Fair, is being organized by the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) in order to bring the apparel manufacturers and buyers together and give a boost to the countrys apparel export machinery, a large portion of which operates from within Gurgaon.

The fair was inaugurated by Rita Menon, secretary, textiles, government of India, and is projected to generate business worth two million dollars. More than 125 exhibitors from India and abroad have come together on this common platform, and more than 3,000 buyers from countries like South Korea, Bangladesh, China and Taiwan will be present.

This fair will further improve Indias position globally as one of the largest exporters when it comes to apparel, said Menon. She added that the apparel industry creates the maximum number of jobs countrywide, and requires support and favourable environment in order to flourish. Next year onwards, more associations and councils should be involved, said Menon.

Fabrics like silk, linen cotton and hemp are on display along with accessories for apparel. This is a step to bridge the gap between the sellers and the buyers by providing them a common platform to interact and understand each others needs and expectations, said Premal Udani, chairman, AEPC. During the event, a number of seminars will also be organized on wide ranging industry specific topics.

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