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Nagpur is a city in the central part of India. In Maharashtra State. Left side is the map of Maharashtra state shows the position of Nagpur city. Nagpur district is located between 21*45 N to 20*30 N and 78*15 E to 79*45 E, which essentially indicates that Nagpur district is located in the Deccan Plateau. The adjoining districts are Bhandara on the east, Chandrapur on the south, Amravati and Wardha on the west and in the north shares the boundary with Madhya Pradesh. Nagpur city and district were transfered to Maharashtra State, as a part of state reorganisation. Since the first session of the state legislature was organised at Nagpur, the city was assigned the status of the second capital to Maharashtra.

It is practically at geographical center of India, in fact the zero milestone of India is in this city. All major highways NH-7 ( Varanasi - Kanyakumari ) & NH-6 (Mumbai - Sambalpur - Calcutta) amd major railways trunk route (Mumbai, Chennai, Howrah * Delhi) pass through the city. Important Central & State Government offices and institutions are located in Nagpur. Industrial Development is existing along the fringe areas like Kamptee, Hingna, Wadi, Khapri, Butibori and Kalmeshwar

The present city was founded in the early 18th century by Bhakt Buland, a Gond prince of the kingdom of Deogad in the Chhindwara district. Seeing the advantage of civilized life in Delhi, he started to build Nagpur as his new capital. His successor Chand Sultan continued the work. On Chand Sultan's death in 1739, disputes regarding succession arose and Raghuji Bhonsle, the Maratha governor of Berar, helped to restore the elder son to the throne. As the dissentions continued, Raghuji Bhonsle again intervened in 1743, and the control of Nagpur slowly passed on from the Gonds to the Marathas. It became the capital of the Bhonsles.

Nagpur district's industrialization is mainly in urban area. Occupations varying from removing seeds of cotton, textile industry, wood cutting manufacturing of paper and strawboard, chemicals and its product ferromanganese, tobacco, medicinal, machinery tools, plastic etc.

Cereals are produced on a large scale due to which 'Vidarbha dal mill association' was established. There are approx. 250 big and small bakery. Kalmeshwar is considered as the largest oil extraction location. Amrut Dhara is the oil produced from Umrer. agpur is considered as the generator of handlooms. Nagpur, Kamptee, Umrer, Savner, Khapa, Kalmeshwar are the areas responsible for the large scale production. ot less than 3/4 area produces oranges. Nagpur is considered as the first ranking market thus known as Orange City and India as California.
The climate of Nagpur follows a typical seasonal monsoon weather pattern. The peak temperatures are usually reached in May/June and can be as high as 48oC. The onset of monsoon is usually from July and the season extends up to September, with monsoon peaking during July and August. After monsoons, the average temperature varies between 27oC and approx 6 to 7oC right through December and January.

The underlying rock type in the Western and Southern localities is Deccan Trap, the lava flows gave rise to flat topped and terraced features. The Eastern halfs covered by crystalline Metamorphic Rock such as gneissís, schist and granites. In the Northern part of the city, yellowish sand stones and clays of the lower Gondwana formations are found. In maximum part of the town, the underlying rock strata are covered with alluvial deposits resulting from the flood plain of the Kanhan River. In some places these gives rise to granular, sandy soils, but in many places, particularly in low lying, poorly drained areas, the soils are alluvial clays with poor permeability characteristics

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