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Erode District lies on the extreme north of Tamil Nadu. It is bounded mostly by Karnataka State and also River Palar covers pretty long distance. To the East lies Namakkal and Karur Districts. Dindigal District is its immediate neighbour to the South and on the West, it has Coimbatore and Nilgiri Districts, as its boundaries. Thus Erode District is essentially a land-locked area having no sea-cost of its own. Erode District situated at between 10 36 and 11 58 North Latitude and between 76 49 and 77 58 East Longitude.

The region comprised in the district can be portrayed as a long undulating plain gently sloping towards the river Cauvery in the south-east. The three major tributaries of river Cauvery viz. Bhavani, Noyyal and Amaravathy drain the long stretch of mountains in the north. A part of the eastern boundary of the district is formed by river Cauvery, entering the district from Salem and flowing in a southernly direction.

Dakshyayini was not welcomed by her parents or anyone. She was vexed and threw herself in the Yagakundam and burnt to ashes. On hearing this, Lord Siva got highly enraged, proceeded to the sacrificial spot and threw every one present including Brahma. The skulls and Bones were thrown in River Cauvery and remained wet always. Hence the name "Eara Odu" (wet skull) - Erode.

In the Industrial map of Tamil Nadu, Erode district has a place of unique importance with 40.32 percent of population depending on non-agricultural sector. Industries and trade naturally occupy a place of prominence in the economy of the district. Industries that flourished in early days in the area were handloom weaving, carpet manufacturing, cart manufacturing, oil-pressing, brass vessel manufacturing etc. Though these industries flourished well in the early days, the advent of modern times changed the fate of some of these well established ancient industries. Dharapuram which was noted for the manufacture of load carrying and passenger carts lost its importance due to the advent of modern means of transport of two wheelers viz. cycle, scooter, moped etc. However, the industry still survives here and load carrying carts are still manufactured. Similarly, Bhavani which was noted the world over for its very beautiful carpets, has shrunk into insignificance and the industry is almost non-existent now. Bhavani, Erode and Gobichettipalayam contribute to occupy important place in the field of oil-pressing. The industry which has been able to totally withstand the on slaught of modernisation has been the handloom weaving. Erode, Chennimalai etc. still hold their way and the district is noted for its handloom products, which include cotton sarees, bed-spreads, towels, furnishing fabrics etc. Two other important production centers are Bhavani and Jambai.

The cotton textile industry in Coimbatore and handloom industry in Erode district have encouraged the growth of various ancillary industries to meet the needs of the textile mills. Chennimalai, Erode, Gobichettipalayam etc., are important centres where cotton ginning is carried on a large scale. There are also important dying works in Erode, Chennimalai and Bhavani. A number of factories engaged in cotton fabric printing are functioning in Erode.

Rice milling is yet another industry which has been able to hold its own. Erode, Bhavani ,Perundurai, Kangayam and Dharapuram are centers where a number of rice mills are flourishing. These mills carry on lucrative trade in the west coast. A number of lorries carrying boiled rice ply between the centers and the delivery point in Kerala. There are a number of leather tanneries in Erode and Dharapuram area. Large quantities of leather are brought here for tanning and later exported to foreign countries.

The Government has also come forward to provide incentives to small enterprenuers. Industrial estates have been set up at Erode and other places where full facilities are offered to small industrialists. Small units have been set up here for the manufacture of steel furniture, nuller screen, etc. There is also a unit at Erode for the manufacture of bolts and nuts and screws.

Both manufactured items as well as agriculture commodities are included in the trade items. Major items of export from the District are handloom products, dairy products, raw cotton, rice etc. While the items brought are mostly oil-seeds, coal etc. A large number of lorries, carrying various items into and from the district ply day in and day out and no detailed statistics are available regarding the flow of trade from and to the district.

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