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Coimbatore. Also known as Kovai, Coimbatore is the second largest city of TamilNadu and one of the fastest growing cities in India. Situated at the foot hills of Nilgiris, it is known for its pleasant climate, peaceful atmosphere, cosmopolitan outlook and private enterprise. Cotton textiles, electric motors, pumps, automobile spares, iron steel and aluminium castings form major exports from Coimbatore

According to ancient manuscripts, Coimbatore's history can be traced to the Irula tribal chief Kovan and his clan who were it's earliest settlers and the founders of "Kovanpatti " a part of Kongunadu. Years later, the surrounding forests were cleared, and a new village was formed called "Kovanputhur", which over the years came to be known as "Coimbatore".

In spite of it's prominence as a bustling industrial city, Coimbatore still remains one of the most pollution free cities in India. Covering an area of 23.5 square kilometers, the city houses some of the biggest names in Indian Industry. The major industries include textiles, textile machinery, automobile spares, motors, electronics, steel and aluminium foundries. Tirupur - a neighbouring town has carved a niche for itself in the garments market. Agriculture however remains the major occupation. The rich fertile soil and tropical climate is excellent for the growth of millet, paddy, cotton, tea, oil seeds and tobacco.

Coimbatore is the third largest city in Tamil Nadu, with a Population of more than 15 lakhs. There are more than 30,000 tiny small, medium and large industries and textile mills.

Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu. As it is exposed to the Palghat gap of Western Ghats it enjoys a salubrious climate, this has attracted a large number of textile mills to this region. For the same reason the city is called 'poor man's Ooty'. There are more than 25,000 small, medium, large and tiny industries and textile mills. No wonder it is rightly called the Manchester of South India. Coimbatore is also famous for the manufacture of motor pump sets and varied engineering goods, due to which it has earned the title " Detroit of the South".

Kongunad, the capital of a cluster of villages, was captured by Karikala Cholan, the legendary Chola King, before it passed through the hands of several Hindu dynasties and kingdoms. It includes the Rastrskutas, Chalukyas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar, Madurai and Mysore kings, before finally passing into the hands of the British who gave its present name - Coimbatore. This small agricultural town has grown into a bustling modern industrial city, because of the farmers of the region, many of whom, generations ago, fleeing from invaders in their native Andhra, came with dreams to settle on this land, which they came to love as their own.
They introduced cotton growing which was ideally suited to the black soil of Coimbatore. By dint of hard work, they carved a niche for themselves in this otherwise harsh land. With the passage of time came elaborate irrigation schemes and the harnessing of hydroelectric power which led to the development in this area as one of South India's finest agrarian economies where millets, paddy, cotton, tea, oilseeds, betelnut, turmeric, coffee and tobacco were cultivated. The Gounders, Tamil farmers who made their living by tilling the soil and Kannada speaking agriculturists, the Okkaligas and the Lingayats, who followed Tippu Sultan into the region also played significant roles in the agricultural success of Coimbatore.

Coimbatore, the entrepreneur's dream, remains a city where age-old customs survive, where family bonds are strong and where fusion of tradition and modernity remain the secret of the city's success.
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Coimbatore has an airport. Flights connect it to Chennai and other important cities.

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Coimbatore is connected by rail to Chennai, Trivandrum, Delhi and other cities.

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It is also connected to all the important cities and places of interest by ro

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